What happened to the Sends 'pre' option?

Is it just me or did they remove the Send section ‘pre’ option (to bypass the inserts) to send a dry signal?

I wondered this at first - just right click and select “Move to Pre-fader” :slight_smile:

The send section ‘pre’ option does not bypass the inserts, nor does it send a dry signal though…

Ah yeah, my mistake, I was talking about pre-fader.
Pre-insert sends, no idea :slight_smile:

I guess I’m not remembering the function correctly as I was under the impression it also bypassed the effects (basically exactly like a send on a mixer that is before all EQ+insert).

This is useful to create submixes for parallel compression where a dry signal can easily be sent to a additional Bus/group.

For the majority of all mixers, all sends are post EQ and insert.