What happened to the trial sound sets in Cubase 10?

So I purchased Cubase Pro 10. After about 10 days the sample sets (ambience, cinema eft, etc) disappeared from the “loops and samples” section of Cubase, leaving only “EDM Toolbox.” I really liked all those sound sets, but when I went on Steinberg site, I don’t even see them available for sale?? I’m confused. How can I purchase all those soundsets that came with Cubase 10? Please help

Anyone know? thanks

All that stuff is still there (IOW it appears in the Media Bay/Loops & Samples) on my computer. I’ve been using Cubase for 2 years or so. I think they “come with,” so you shouldn’t have to purchase them separately…but don’t quote me on that.

Assuming you haven’t inadvertently deleted the files, you need to determine where they are on your computer and then tell Cubase where to find them. (Still being a relative Cubase noob, I’m not sure offhand how to do that second part.)

On my W10 computer, the files are found here: C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound.

In case your files are not there, here’s a clue to find them. The first set that shows under my Media Bay/Loops & Samples is something called Allen Morgan Signature Drums. The first file in that set is named VK_5_Tom3_v3. So if you search for and find that file, you should also see the rest of the missing files in that same folder. If you can’t find that file then you may have inadvertently deleted all the missing files.