What happenedto the INSERT SILENCE command?

I’m working with N8.1. I used the insert silence command on 2 tracks and it cut the parts instead of inserting silence. :open_mouth:

Here’s what insert silence SHOULD look like.

Track 46 shows an event with a straight line, indicating no sound. Tracks 44 & 45 directly above it show low noise wave signs. They’re the trackss I want to insert silence (thus making them look like track 46).

Here’s what I get when I use the Insert Silence command in N8.1.

It chopped off the section where it was applied. If I’d wanted to cut it, I’d have used the cut command. Is this a bug? Did they change it? Whats up with this? :confused:

I just opened the same project in N7 and the INSERT SILENCE command worked as expected.

So, this change is definitely in N8.1. I didn’t notice this issue in 8.0. But I can’t remember doing much of anything in 8 before 8.1 was released. Nobody else is finding this to be an issue? :confused:


Great news, thanks! Err, uh, what year will they release that? :unamused:


That has nothing to do with what he posted.

Oops.! You’re right; that’ll teach me to not skim read and post… :blush:

Apologies to @Keyplayer…!