What happens if my USB eLicenser breaks?


. What happens if my USB eLicenser breaks? Since it’s travelling with my keys it gets its turns and so.

  • Is there any news about putting the USB-license back to the computer?

I would recommend that you buy a spare USB-eLicenser that you keep somewhere safe but without any of your licenses on it. In the event that something happens to your main USB-eLicenser, you can take advantage of Steinberg Zero Downtime, which allows you to put time-limited licenses onto a new USB-eLicenser instantly, giving you plenty of breathing room to get in touch with our support team and figure out a permanent solution. SZT is free – you only need to have another USB-eLicenser to hand.

There’s no update about being able to transfer a license back to a Soft-eLicenser yet, I’m afraid, but it is still in our plans.