What happens to the settings in Cubase when upgrading to 9?

What happens to all the small settings here and there made over time and forgotten how, when upgrading to Cubase 9?

It can transfer preferences from previous version on install and did so perfectly for me.
Often doesn’t seem to work for others though.

This time it worked perfectly for me too!

I had to fix some things, like the control room wasn’t set up, cue/headphones mixes had disappeared, project templates had disappeared too, but copying them over from 8.5 was no big deal.
All the rest of my ins and outs in VST Connections were still there though. Didn’t take long to get up and running to be honest

For me the upgrade transferred some things and not others…

  • VST Connection preferences - transferred
  • Cubase>Project>Project Setup preferences - transferred
  • Cubase>Preferences>Appearance>Colors menu colors - transferred
  • All other settings in the Cubase>Preference menu - nada
  • Templates - nada
  • Had to move some VST .dll files for CB to scan and pick them up (even though the folder locations were listed in the VST 2 Paths list). This had nothing to do with 32 bit VSTs as in anticipation for CB9 I had previously upgraded all I could to 64 bit and unloaded the old 32s that I could not find a 64 for.

For me I redid all the setting that did not come over and created new templates. I do see that others did a copy/paste of some user preference files to expedite the matter.

Here are the user preference file locations if you want to do that:


Weird wild stuff.

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