what happens when i get a new computer...?

If I install Cubase and all the same VST plugins/instruments on a new machine, will Cubase remember ALL my settings for all my projects when I open them for the first time?

i’d make sure the plugin locations were correct in the plugin manager before opening any old projects of course, so if a project used Kontact, Cubase would know where Kontact was.

Or will I get loads of error messages regardless?

And what if, in an old project, I’ve tweaked (for example) a Retrologue preset, reduced the attack or whatever, will that tweak be remembered, or will it revert to the original preset settings?

Am I better off rendering every MIDI track? I’d rather not do that…

Anything else i should be aware of if moving to a new computer?

(i’m currently using 8.5 Pro if that matters)


Generally speaking it works pretty good. However, when you install to the new computer your user settings will not be copied. You will have to copy the applicable user data files found in the “User Settings Data Folder” that is in the start menu Steinberg folder.

Copying the user data files for Steinberg VSTs works pretty good but for 3rd party VSTs it’s hit or miss.

No guarantees so I will warn you that if you tweaked a VST preset setting to use in a project and you DID NOT save that tweaked setting as a new preset… then that setting is most likely going to be history. Basically reverting to the original preset setting. If you did save it as a preset, then that setting should be available in the applicable user data file.

FWIW… I can’t speak for all users but, it really is a good idea to render all tracks (midi & audio) to properly archive what you did. You never know when your project file will somehow get corrupted or some other issue might crop up with your hardware. Even transferring to a new PC is a good reason to do it.

Good luck. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: