What hardware panners are people using with Nuendo 7?

Hi I’m curious what hardware panners people are using with N7? I have a Nuage with the JL cooper Nuage panner, and it’s not quite the right tool for the job. Are there any other options out there that would work better? I thought I heard that Yamaha was going to make there own panner, but nothing more has been said about it. What’s everyone using? I’m an audio post house, working in 5.1, IMAX 6.0, IMAX 12.0 and Dolby Atmos.

Thanks for the input.

I am mostly using the panner on the CTH screen of Nuage.
Using the Rotary knobs works just fine IMO.
(And much better than that useless JL Cooper thing)


Thanks Fredo. I agree it’s useless. I’m mostly using the mouse to pan. I’d love a tactile panner to grab. I use to use a Studer D950. Awesome panner.