What have I done, how can I fix it

Sorry presumably a silly question, I am just starting my first Dorico-project (a simple classical solopiano-sonata) trying to come along with the new shortcuts. However currently it ends up here and I have no Idea what I have done nor how to fix it. If anyone has an Idea what might help…

I thought I could perhaps fix it with strg+z to come back to the moment before it looks like that but this doesn’t helped at all.

Have you tried to quit and relaunch ? I think it could solve this (this is what I read here)

Wow that was really fast help !!! :smiley:
Yes OK that helped, I closed the project and opend it again, and everything was normal again. however I still have no Idea what mistake was responsible. It would be at least good to know how to avoid this in future.

There are some bugs in Dorico which cause the screen display to get out of step with the contents of the score. This looks like one of them. You probably didn’t do anything wrong.

Hopefully, the bugs will get fixed in future releases, though some of them don’t seem to be 100% reproducible, which makes finding them more difficult.

If you get a bug like this that is reproducible, posting the Dorico project on the forum (not just a screen shot) and explaining how to reproduce it might help the development team, if it’s something they haven’t seen before.

Rob is right on the money here. We call these invalidation bugs and they can happen occasionally. Most of the time simply closing and reopening the score will fix it. However if you can reproduce it then we can aim to fix. Often they arise as a result of a very specific combination of editing operations (and minor variations of that order may cause it not to show up). We are finding and fixing more of these sort of bugs all the time.

Sorry it was (is) my first serious Dorico-project. The Problem occured only once when I was (not very sure or confindent) tried to learn to apply the shortcuts. (it was solved easily with reopening the project again. thats all for the moment)
Now I have already writen nealry 300 Bars without any return of likewise problems. It is good to know, that it must not necessarily have been my mistake, but still I think one could not completly rule out any “misbehavior” from my side since I am currently more or less exploring the functions mostly for the very first time.
Thank you all for your fast and serious reaction for my beginnerproblems.

Anyhow, fahl5, there is actually NO reason why you should end up with such a mess, so when something that weird happens, it cannot be your fault (I mean, look at the braces… too bold!)
Dorico is a wonderful software in that point of view : when it works flawlessly (98% of the time) the score is almost perfect, for a musician to read !