What headphones model do you use to check your productions?

I have sennheiser hd650 but I am not totally happy with them and I don’t know why.

Tell me your experience with your trusted headphones, please.

I use Sony MDR-7506 for recording in the presence of open mics, but Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro otherwise. They sound the same to me because I use sonarworks reference 4 to correct for their peculiarities. It includes calibration curves for many top headphone models, including the sennheiser hd650.

Personally, I’ve never liked Sennheiser. I had a pair once (long ago), but I found the bass was too strong and everything else sounded funny. They also sat uncomfortably on my head. I don’t know if your issue is comfort or sound quality, but sonarworks should fix the sound.

250 Ohm Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO which I was very happy with but they packed up a few weeks ago, I also have a set of Avantone MP1 mixtones which I can trust like the DT 990s but they’re not as comfortable over long periods of wearing - but they do have a very handy mono switch for checking the mono mix in a flash.

Beyerdynamic DT-150

Ultrasone Pro 750 (old model, not the “i”). Some love them, some hate them. They seem to fit my head and ears, do not sound too far away from my monitors. Like them much more than the Ultrasone Pro 900 btw which are not bad at all but not as balanced/clear.

Beyerdynamic DT-150

Yeah, My friend used it, And it’s the best for her.

AKG K-701

I use a pair of MDR-7506 also. They provide a very accurate and uncolored sound. Most other headphones I’ve tried put too much emphasis on bass frequencies.

K-601 for me

As long as you learn how your 'phones sound and can adjust your mix accordingly - having slightly bass rich 'phones isn’t always a bad thing because you can hear what’s going on down there and fix issues that might otherwise have escaped your attention on more neutral headphones.

I use the Apple Earpods and sennheiser HD280s.I use them because I couldnt afford another pair of studio headphones at the moment. The earpods are the main source for people to listen to music on their android, iphone etc. Suprisingly, the mix and mxidown sound great! I rarely get a complaint and when I do, all they tell me is to turn up some vocals on a verse. Better than I expected. I would suggest doing a test to see whats what.

I actually got a set of Apple ear buds when the iPod was a hot new thing because I figured a lot of people would be using them and it was necessary to check a mix with ear buds to avoid widespread poor presentation. However, I wouldn’t trust them as a primary reference for mixing.

I’m very happy with Sennheiser HD600 which I like much better than the HD650. The HD600 has a better overall frequency response and a better stereo stage. It sounds like it has more space in the image. The HD650 has too much emphasis on low end and blurs the overall sound IMO. I’ve also tried Beyerdynamic DT990 pro and AKG K501 but it’s not really my thing.