What I dislike in N5...[save and autosave problem (Win)]

Hi to everybody.
I love Nuendo but…
I can’t understand how to tolerate some N5 issue:

  1. First af all looong saving times…
    In N4 they were significantly shorter! And, above all, autosave was in background!
    Now, in N5 (Win7 64bit), autosave INTERRUPT WORK and, for heavy projects (about 100 MB) it lasts almost 40 sec!
    Needless to say that it’s extremely annoying and it’s a great trouble for workflow.

  2. Why projects became heavier? In N4 I can’t remember 100MB .npr files…

  3. Why N5 never close correctly and gives always error on quitting?

  4. Unpredictable intermittent click.

Are theese common issues? Or only in my system?
Are theese solvable?
I hope that N5.5 will solve those things…
Thanx in advance.

It’s not just your system.

We all want this fixed and it sucks for everyone.

what is even more annoying is when you don’t realize it’s doing it… like when you’re at a stop and you hit a bunch of key commands that do nothing… you keep hitting them to confirm and then realize what’s happening… when autosave is over, all the keys you pressed fire off at once.

I can’t imagine anyone over at SB thinking that this was a great idea, I hope they fix it.

I’ve seen the error on quit before, but it does not happen all the time on my system. I don’t know what the reason is. I’ve gotten in the habit of saving prior to quiting rather than using the “do you want to save” dialog that comes up on exit. I don’t know if this does anything.

Thank for your reply, Kid !
What I don’t understand is why all the other users don’t say anything about this.
It seems absurd to me…

They do, and there has been many threads about this.

HA! I surely want it fixed too. I had thought it was my computer that couldn’t handle it, so I built a new one and it didn’t change a thing.

Cha Ching!

I now have a backup computer.

It would be fantastic if Fredo or Timo cuold say anything about that…

Anticipately thanx.


I’m working a 15 minute short film right now, file size is almost 30mb already. It’s almost like it recalculates ever bit of automation everytime it saves… I’ve watched it do it in the folder.

Why can’t a running snapshot of the project be stored in the RAM? and just instantly transfered to the NPR file?

How many back up files do you all keep. Right now I’m keeping 5 at most. I’m wondering if this contributes to the slow save.
Projectname.npr is autosaved,
Projectname.bak is also created

then the next time, the npr is autosaved, the bak file becomes Projectname-02.bak . so essentially 2 new project files are being written while renaming an old one.

There has to be an easier way

I would also like to know if this is even on Developments radar. Personally I think it’s a much bigger issue than not having cubase 6 drum edits.

Anyone reading this?


Are you using the undo branches? (In History and/or automation)
If so, then all these dots take a tremendous amount of save-time.


Thanks for commenting Fredo.

Both my undo history and automation branch options are unchecked.

My automation reduction level was set to 10%, I’ve upped this to 35% and it shaved about 8mb off my file size.

My current autosave/regular save time on a 22mb npr is - 20 seconds.

Are there any plans to address this? it’s especially annoying when clients are here.

Ooooh I just stumbled on to a save time killer…

Max punch logs in the automation preferences. Mine is set for 10 and there were currently 8 punches stored. I believe these were from global snapshots. I didn’t need them anymore so ditched them and saved new.

Old npr was 47mb
new npr with out stored punch logs, 21mb

The save time is still slow, but considerably faster with out the punch logs.

I love the fact that I can name and save punches for use later… but I’ve never actually had to use it. I’m going to turn this preference down to 1 stored punch log for now.

In think it is more about “what is in the punch” than the actual number of punches.
If you indeed use global snapshot, then all of the automation dots in the project are stored (and kept) in memory.
And we all know that automation “consumes” a fair amount of memory by itself.


Now, this is really spooky…
I use autosafe by default ( 3 minutes/7 instances) and only occasionally safe under new name for orientation.
I have not noticed any autosafeing in Nuendo for a long time. Not when tracking and not when mixing…
It is rather reliable and only if an unexpected error or plugin behavior appears, it is better to safe manually, because Nundo might stop performing autosafes, after hat. Usually, it is better to restart Nuendo after such an event, anyhow.

I admit, I don’t use automation that extensively, but even larger .npr cause no problem over here. Right now, I am mixing a music demo CD with 6 songs in one project with a lot of bells and whistles and it is not noticeable.
Probably a matter of workflow and habits…

I don’t feel like this is the end all be all cure, but I am happy to have found an avoidable element for sure!