What instruments come with the trial version of Cubase 12

Tying Cubase 12 out, just wondering what are the virtual instruments that come with the final, paid version.
Is it the ones under the Cubase tab in the attached screenshot of the Download Assistant.
Or some of the other tabs as well.
Thanks in advance.

Maybe I’m missing some of them, but AFAIK, for the Pro version :

  • Halion Sonic 7.0
  • Groove Agent 5.1.20 SE
  • Padshop 2.1.0
  • Retrologue 2.3.0

This with several added ones which are not instruments, as so : Spectralayers 9, Verve, various contents, etc.

Indeed, you should look in the SDA at what is available in the Cubase 12 category version you are planning to purchase.

All of the included content can be found by clicking the icon for your version of Cubase under “My product downloads”, or under the “Cubase” category. You don’t have to hunt for anything else.

Thanks for the quick replies.
I have downloaded everything under the Cubase tab in the Software Download Assistant (see the PDF*… it’s two pics stitched together… it’s a long list) - and it’s a pretty decent if not great bunch of sounds.
Just wondering if I am missing something, or if this is it.
Want to be clear as to what I am getting when I buy Cubase 12, as I need a comprehensive library right from the get go.
*Couldn’t upload two jpegs hence combined them into a single PDF, sorry you’d need to download to see it.

Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 8.30.00 AM.pdf (540.4 KB)

Have attached the jpegs - is this the complete list?
Here is No. 1.

And here is No. 2 - the rest of it.

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That should be everything. If you ever purchase any additional instruments or expansions from Steinberg, they should appear under “My product downloads” once you enter your Download Access Code.

An “Updates” category will appear at the top of the list to the left if there’s any updates to your installed Steinberg applications or libraries.


And since it’s the trial and maybe you’ve never used Cubase before, all those entries in the list that say “Requires X”, for example “Verve - Requires Halion Sonic SE”, those you will find inside the required instrument. Those that say “Content Set” are usually Loops, that you can find on the right zone.


That makes things clear, thanks very much for all the replies!