What is audition volume?

When exporting an audio file, a window pops up that says “export audio mix down.”
Then below, it says “audition volume“ with a kind of ramp. What does this do or mean?
Couldn’t find it in the manual.

(Using artist 10.5)


Can you post a screenshot please?

If you are exporting in real time, this simply allows you to adjust your listening level. It doesn’t affect the export.

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As far as I can tell, it doesn’t do anything.
Doesn’t respond to mouse clicks or drags or anything like that.

Seems to have been a controllable slider in earlier Cubase Pro versions, according to the manual:

Realtime Export
Allows you to export the audio mixdown in real time. Realtime export takes at least the same time as regular playback. Activate this if you use external effects or instruments, or if you use VST plug-ins that require time to update correctly during the mixdown. For further information, refer to the documentation of the respective plug-ins.

Cubase Pro only: During the realtime export of a single channel, the Audition Volume fader is displayed in the progress dialog. It allows you to adjust the Control Room volume.

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