What is Bounce-to-Markerpoints?

This is mentioned as a Nuendo only feature, yet there is no mention of it in the manual or the key commands list.
Can some explain what it is and how/why it is used?
From this:

Either the answer is so simple, I should know better, or no one else has heard of it either.
Anyway, I can not find reference to it anywhere in the manual or in online searches.

I’d imagine it’s batch bounce of cycle markers.

Thank you, that makes sense.
But of course the next question to Steinberg would be: Why is this not mentioned in the manual if it is mentioned as a feature on your website?
They need to change the name of the feature to something that you can find in the manual. :unamused:

Page 688, “About the Cycle Marker Selection section” in the “Export Audio Mixdown” chapter-- the cycle marker export option’s introduced in the second paragraph (p 685), and explained more fully later. I think I did a search for “batch” to find it.

It’s a great feature, without which my life force would be greatly reduced.


Yes, thanks, a great feature, I already know about “cycle marker export”.
“Bounce” suggests something different than “export” in steinberg software. You can bounce midi, you can bounce audio, those are selectable processes. but you can’t bounce cycle markers, or marker “points”, you can export them, ok, then they should call it that in the feature list.
Because of the title, I thought is was something different.

I see! Had the same confusion when I saw the posted list, but figured it was an interpretive mislabeling… no condescension implied! :slight_smile: