What is causing Real Time Peak meter to peak?

In the past few days I’ve noticed my real time peak meter is spiking to hit 100% which causes ‘clicks’ and ‘pops’ in my audio when playing a song. Don’t know what’s changed but wondering if anyone has any ideas what might be causing this and how you go about finding out what it is?


This could have a lot of different reasons. Mostly it is a too small buffer size, set in your ASIO driver settings of your audio device, or you have too much plugins loaded to your project.
Other reasons can be, disturbing background processes of soft- or hardware.

I have been having this problem for quite some time. Only with ASIO Guard switched on though. I have just bought VEPro 5 and now the problem has completely disappeared and Cubase is the most stable I have ever had it. I wish I had bought it a long time ago and the benefits of VEPro with a DAW far outweighs the cost of buying it! Worth every penny.

I say this because I have tried everything (except for building and buying brand new Computers) to sort out the Spiking. New Operating Systems, weeks of my time installing them, installing latest drivers and Bios, EVEN bought a new GFX card just incase and nothing fixed it. It seems lots of people are having different experiences and I love Cubase so I’m not prepared to move to another DAW. Cubase + VEP = Absolutely stable. Just saying…

Thanks for both responses. Svengali, I’ve got my buffer set to 512ms (input latency of 11.688) which as I understand is relatively high. And Jono, yes I do run VEP pro 5 (should have mentioned this, and I’ve updated my signature). I have done a little digging and I believe something has changed in my song layout that’s causing this. I’ve loaded a few older files and the problem isn’t happening (so far). I’ll try going with an older layout and keep you posted. Thanks again.