what is .csh files

Hi again all,
Can someone tell me what is actually a .csh files, i know that .bak stands for backup… What about those .csh files…? Is it ok to delete this files?

crash files… as far as i understand it

I think they are “cache” files for storing thumbnails of video, waveforms, etc. so Cubase doesn’t have to recreate them everytime it loads a project. If you delete them, I am fairly certain it will just recreate them the next time you open the project. I am not 100% sure about it though.

Hello Jaslan,

you are right !



Steinberg, please put them in a cache subdir, they mess up my top level project dir, surely it’s not necessary for me to even know about these internal files let alone see them?? Same applies to .bak files I think.


I’m pretty sure they’re audio processing history files. Waveform cache files are always stored in the Images subfolder. So I’ve never seen .csh files before until today, when I selected an audio region in a Cubase project and applied an offline audio process (Audio -> Process menu). If you go to “Audio -> Offline Process History…” I’m pretty sure Cubase keeps track of so-called destructive audio processes in the .csh file. Begs the question if you delete the .csh file, do you lose your edit history so you can’t revert offline processing? Haven’t tried it.

+1 Steinberg for keeping non-user files in a subdir. And also the .bak files in a backups subdir for example.

Annoys me to have to sift through them to see the useful files. Sometimes I delete the .csh files to tidy up, it doesn’t harm the project.


Yeah, tell me about it. They saw fit to add a Track Pictures subfolder in Cubase 7.x.x - even when you’re not using any custom track pictures (empty folder). But .bak files and .csh files still remain in the root level next to .cpr files. Why?

I have been exporting many cpr files in wav format successfully. Today without warning the file has the extension csh and I did nothing to change export commands. What gives and how to I get back to .wav format?

Hey thanks for the replies… I am reminded of years ago when I was first using a computer. I was told to “move the cursor…” and I didn’t know what a cursor was!! I have the book "Fast guide to Cubase 4 " by Simon Milward - and I cannot get into it. I feel just like I did when I didn’t know what a cursor was. He begins at a point with the jargon that is far beyond me and his index is simply impossible to use. I know that’s not Steinberg’s issue but it brings home to me how urgently we need people who have -to use a Zen term - “Beginner’s Minds” and can write from that basic point of view of honest toilers who don’t want bullshit. Happy New year travellers!!

+1 for moving these extra files that just clutter things up like .csh and .bak to their own folders.

By the way yes they are indeed created when you do offline process history and when I close Cubase and delete these files and reopen the Cubase and the session (so not stored in RAM) the “Offline Process History” is still there for the event so I am not exactly sure what these files are doing for Steinberg.


+1 for getting the baks and the cshs out of sight!

For those on a Mac Hazel’s recent update can alleviate the pain and sort these files into another folder automatically for you and leave your most recent .bak file in the root folder since Cubendo only checks there to see if there is a more recent file than the one you are opening. I look forward to the day Steinberg also auto sorts all of these into another folders, seems strange that isn’t obviously painful to them and that there are not more complaints about the file clutter.

Here is an example rule for those that are on a Mac and have Hazel.