What is de function of alt - arrow right?

When I select an note and pressing alt-arrow right it moves to the right.
Selecting two notes and pressing alt-arrow right it moves both to the right. I don’t understand the value of jumping to the right.
Moving to the left it will remove some notes…

Can anybody explain me how this works?

Funny, I didn’t even know that it exists- and then I tried it and immediately thought “Well, that’s kind of hip!”, so thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:.

I don’t know if I explain it properly or if my explanation makes sense, or if this even is an intended purpose- but try it in insert mode as well. When in insert mode, using this tool will swap the following notes out with the ones you’re moving. That could be seen as a compositional tool to create variations on a given set of pitches. Other than that, you might want to move part of your phrase to the right to make space for something else in between (creating rests where the snippet had been before), and of course you have the insert tool for that, but maybe this is just meant as another way.

Let’s see what Daniel says.

The key shortcut list says that ALT-L/R Arrow = “Move Flow L/R”

That’s in Setup mode, but Cees is talking about the use of it in Write mode, which is supposed to move the selected item left or right according to the duration chosen in the rhythmic grid. However, it’s not properly functioning in the current version. Hopefully this will be improved in the next update.