What is Dorico LE 3?


First, a huge congratulations to the Dorico team for v3!

In Steinberg Download Assistant I have options to download Dorico Pro 3, Dorico Elements 3, and Dorico LE 3. I know what the first two are, but I’m just curious what the third one, as I haven’t seen any mention of it anywhere. I read the Dorico 3 announcement on the Making Notes blog, and watched the presentation this afternoon on Facebook, and I’ve searched this forum. Someone else is bound to be wondering the same thing.

Like I said, I’m just curious, I’ll be downloading Dorico Pro 3 shortly :slight_smile:

Best, Darren

Dorico LE3 is basically Elements 3, but restricted to TWO instruments. The hope is it’ll be bundled as OEM software, free, with other products. (He said, regurgitating what he’d read elsewhere)

Oh! Thanks Leo. I’d be curious about the pricing of that, a guitarist friend of mine will be very curious to try out the new features but he basically only needs one instrument and so has always said that he can’t justify the price of Dorico.

It was said in the chat on the launch video on YouTube that Dorico LE is for bundling and give-aways to university music students. I don’t think it will be available as a retail product.

I teach piano and composition at a muziekschool and I have also private students. Some of them use MuseScore. Is there a possibility to get Dorico LE for them? Of course, I will try to convince them (or the parents) to buy later Dorico Elements!
Also I got a question of a student of a secondary school: They have to learn MuseScore at school. I showed her Dorico and she will try to convince her music teachers to use Dorico instead MuseScore. Can a grammar school get Dorico LE 3?

Dorico LE is not yet widely available, but the plan is absolutely to be able to make it available to students, teachers etc. who would benefit from using it. We’ll be sure to let everybody know how they can get hold of it once it is widely available.

I’d like to have Dorico LE 3 installed on my MacBook Pro alongside Dorico Pro 3. Can Dorico LE 3 be used without an eLicenser? How can I obtain LE?

Sometimes I “grab and go” with my MacBook Pro but forget to take my eLicenser. That is so frustrating. I want to be able to start a new project while away from the office — with just a single melody line. Then I would continue work on the engraving once I get back into the studio and plug in my various dongles, keyboard and external hard drive with virtual music libraries.

What happens if you try to open a three-instrument Dorico Pro project in Dorico LE?

If you open a 13+ player file in Elements, it opens as read-only. I imagine LE works the same way on anything 3+. You could try it yourself by holding down Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) as Dorico is opening.

LE is not going to be the solution to the issue you’re referring to. There’s a better licensing system coming at some point, we’ve been promised.

Well I hope that eLicenser is replaced very soon. It has been nothing but a headache with many failures of the program to initialize properly and sometimes losing its connection to eLicenser Control while working on a project. I need to use my license for Dorico Pro 3 on two computers – my Mac Pro tower and my MacBook Pro. And if I am on the road, I would simply like to be able to launch Dorico Pro 3 into LE or Elements mode. Holding down the Command key does not do it for me, as some have reported. However, there have been a few times when Dorico 2 and 3 Pro did open as Elements when the eLicenser “entitlements” were not properly loaded at startup (even though the dongle was plugged in). I do not know how to replicate such silliness.

To run Dorico Pro as either Dorico Elements or Dorico LE you still need a valid license to be available on the computer at the time you run the application, and if your eLicenser isn’t plugged in, then unfortunately no valid license is available. However, in future there’s in theory nothing to stop you from putting a Dorico LE license on your computr’s Soft-eLicenser, so Dorico would run as LE when no USB-eLicenser is connected, but would prefer the Pro license when your USB-eLicenser is connected. However, Dorico LE isn’t currently generally available, though you can expect some news on that front in the relatively near future.