What is exactly IVP


What is the routing IVP that appears in Play mode? Is this an abbreviation of something?

I’m just guessing that it will show in a play mode to secret tracks for upper and lower staves. Don’t find anything about this In the manual.

Independent Voice Playback.

You’re right. This should probably be addressed.

Because I write music at the piano, I think for me much easier to use the iPad version of Dorico. That is why I didn’t look at the Dorico Manual .

Thank you very much.

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I’ve added “IVP” as a keyword to the relevant pages in the manual, so future updates will bring this up in search results.

The iPad manual itself is deserving of some long-overdue attention anyway, which will resolve the issue from that angle too (as it’s only the iPad version that uses the abbreviation; the desktop version shows the full string).