What is going on with the forum???

The main forum for C7 is locked, along with “general.” This “misc” forum was previously for miscellaneous bug or issue reports, but is now being used as the new “main” or “general” forum? A tad bit confusing…

Can someone from SB please comment on the new forum structure?


No, the “collected issues” forum was for bug or issue reports

Simply read the forum descriptions clears it up quite well…

The times… They are a changin’

(Hope we get a Mac forum out of it) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hey, “thinkingcap”. This “misc” forum was originally created for miscellaneous bug reports/issues.

From Helge’s sticky at the very top of the forum (still present):


“… is simple: all issue reports which are posted into the main Cubase 7 / Cubase Artist 7 forum instead of the correct Cubase 7 | Cubase Artist 7 ‹ Collected Issues ‹ Issue Reports subforum are moved straight away into the Misc Forum and are NOT tracked.”

Sse the word “correct” in Helge’ s post…?
So if you want your issues to be tracked and researched, you post them in the (correct) " issues" sub forum, otherwise the posts are moved to the (not correct) “misc” forum, where they are ignored…
So the correct forum for issues is and was the “collected issues” forum,

Boy… Words are hard! They should use icon-like pictures instead. For example, instead of “Pre-sales”, they should use a picture of a guy holding a Cubase box and scratching his chin in deep thought. For “Issues”, they should have a guy banging his head on the keyboard with a spinning beach ball on the screen. And… they should give an option of graphical depictions of forum categories so that those who don’t find words hard can still choose to communicate in that form.