What is insert automation and why does snapshot recall delete it?

I’m trying to use MixConsole snapshots to A/B some mixes, specifically things like tone/eq settings, effects, etc. I understand that MixConsole snapshots to not record automation, but when I try to recall a snapshot, I get a scary warning:

Recalling a MixConsole snapshot will delete any Insert Automation. Do you want to continue?

Well, I can’t find anything in the manual or forums defining what “Insert Automation” actually is! Is that just normal track automation? If so, then I definitely do not want snapshot recall to delete all of my automation! If it’s something else, then why isn’t that explained anywhere?

So what exactly is “Insert Automation” in the context of MixConsole snapshots?

Are you using inserts on any tracks you are snap-shotting? Have you applied any automation to any them (i.e., bypass, level, etc…)?

It’s if you have automation assigned to a VST effect (Insert) that will no longer exist if it’s not on the mixconsole snapshot that you’re going to recall.

i.e. “Insert automation” = Automation for a VST insert/fx.

If you’re worried you can change the recall settings so that Inserts are excluded, i.e. as per timestamped youtube link:- https://youtu.be/ef3I4wb4Q-s?t=145