What is "Install Again"?

I recently bought Cubase Pro 11 and after I did an “Install all” it finished with green checkboxes on the components and “Install Again” in buttons on the righthand column. What does “Install Again” mean? When would I use it?

Thanks in advance.


This means, it has been installed already and you have the installer available. So if you would like to reinstall it for some reason, you can do so.

This means, it has been installed already and you have the installer available. So if you would like to reinstall it for some reason, you can do so

I’m sorry but I don’t understand what that means. Something is either installed or it isn’t installed, right? If something isn’t installed, you can install it; and if IS installed you can un-install it (I hope!) . But what does it mean to re-install something that’s already installed? I’m new to Cubase - when would someone do that?


No, there are 2 informations in 1 button:

  • It is installed and
  • the installer is available.

You cannot uninstall it from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

I’m sorry but I have no idea what you’re trying to explain. Can anyone else here chime in and explain what this means? For example when or why would someone click “install again”?

You cannot uninstall it from the Steinberg Download Assistant
How do you uninstall a component? And under what circumstances would someone want to?


I will try again… The “Install again” string says 2 information:

  • The component has been installed
  • The installer is still available in the download folder.

Which part you don’t understand on this, please?

It depends on the “component”. If it’s an application, you can use common Windows uninstaller (on Windows), or just delete it from the Applications folder (on Mac). If it’s a sound library, you can uninstall it from the Steinberg Library Manager.

  • You have installed Trial version and you decided not to buy it, so you uninstall it.
  • You have installed any content by accident.
  • You are cleaning up your system and you found out, you don’t need this component.
  • Troubleshooting.

If something is already installed what does it mean to install it “again”? If I have a light switch on my wall in the “on” position I can’t turn it on “again”; I would first have to turn it off. Then I can turn it on.

Maybe this is just a translation problem from German to English but I don’t understand the use of “again” syntactically. What’s a situation where someone would install something “again” without first un-installing it? But if I uninstalled it, why wouldn’t the button just say “install”? Is it because there’s retained-state between two separate installations, so a second install does something different from the prior install? Or is there a limit to the number of Install/un-install/install-again cycles I can do? Or is “Install Again” equivalent to “Update” where it installs a newer version?

I’m new to Cubase but I saw a thread - Cubase 11.0.30 Maintenance Update Available - #3 by maggie about a recent update where everybody was complaining about what a confusing user-interface this product has and one user had my exact same confusion:
" More specifically, the download succeeds and so does the verification step as I get I get a white tick on a green background in the progress bar. However the button text is ‘Install again’!? What?"

Hi, it just means the file is available to be installed again in case you had something go wrong. I once deleted a plug-in folder by mistake and needed to install it again. You can always save the files that the download assistant downloaded to your computer and install that way.

Hope this helps.

Don’t over think it. It means you can run the installer again and install over the top of the current installation which any program allows you to do.