What is overscroll?

Hi @Lillie_Harris a search of the manual for the term ‘overscroll’ produces no results. I have no idea what it could mean. Any clues?


I have not heard such a term used in computing before.

It’s explained in the Version History…

Overscroll. When you scroll through the pages of your layout, Dorico does not
permit you to drag very far beyond the first or last page of the layout. Some users
have found this frustrating, as they want to be able to position, say, the top left-hand
corner of the first page in the center of their workspace, but Dorico does not allow
this much overscroll.
To address this, a new Overscroll amount option has been added to the View
section of the General page of Preferences, allowing you to configure the amount of
overscroll that Dorico will allow when scrolling off the start or end of the layout. By
default, this is set to Small; if you set it to Large, you can drag the pages almost completely out of view, while Medium is, as you might expect, somewhere between
the other two.


@Craig_F cool! I am going to have to read that 103 page document again! Thanks.

I am so grateful for over scroll. It’s one of my favorite parts of the update. I like to work on pages in the center of the window, even if they are first or last pages, so this was such a welcome treat for me.