What is "Punsh"?

Channel Strip, Vintage Compressor. Tooltip on “P” button - “Attack Mode (Punsh)”.

Is there an “i” missing in the word, perhaps?

I think it’s suppose to be punish

How about “punch”??

Punch would make more sense!

Oh come on, there’s a competition here for the most imaginative possibility… :neutral_face:

“Punish” is the best one.

:smiley: :laughing: :laughing: Slow down on SM movies :mrgreen:

What about “push” ?
Hmmm… “punch” makes more sense, imo.

Shhhh :smiley:

German for Punch

Given the way Steinbug treats its customers, I think “punish” is more appropriate.

Edit: Interesting. I typed S t e i n b u g (with no spaces) above and the forum “translated” it as Steinberg.

I like the mixture of “punish” and “punch”…

Punsh is a misspelled “Punsch”, which is a hot and spicy alcoholic drink served at most Christmas markets here in Germany.

So if you increase that value in Cubase the mix will sound more drunk. But only around Christmas.

Mine always does… But maybe I got a custom bug.

I’m gonna find a way to change it to “Punk” :smiling_imp:

I believe it is a drink. Maybe they weren’t quite sober at Steinberg’s?


Maybe its an inside joke amongst the Steinberg developers… :laughing:

Anyways I think they should leave it that way… maybe they can even trademark it :bulb: :smiley:


the same ? watch at 4:40 ! :nerd:

Edit: they changed it to punch now. the best issue resolve yet :laughing:

My, that’s fast!

It’s punch.
when Punch is active, the compressor attack is slowed slightly to allow more of the natural attack of the signal to come through before the onset of compression. :wink:

Could it be ‘Punsh’?
When Punsh is active, the compressor decay is delayed slightly to allow more of the tail of the signal to sustain before the release. P-unn-sssh.

Sorry. I will log off now. :slight_smile: