What is Steinberg's Customer Service Email?


It might be because I’m in Japan, but I recently purchased Cubase 7.5, but am trying to email support to obtain the Cubase 5 installer link. However, I can’t find Steinberg’s customer service email anywhere either in the States or Japan. If possible, would someone might be able to PM me the email address so that I can email properly and ask for a link? Much appreciated. - Jim

Note - I can’t seem to find anything but a FAQ in My Steinberg.


info @

You may have to go over Yamaha.


PERFECT!! Thank you!!

Steinberg Japan by the way is just a copy of the English and German site. Thanks for the reply though.

BriHar is correct here. The .de address is only for general inquiries. If you need support, please check the support contact page for details and in Japan, http://japan.steinberg.net/ is the correct way to start.