What Is That MIDI Data Being Sent?!?

I’ve been reading through my Cubase manual, but haven’t found anything that tells me what that MIDI data is that keeps pulsing on the Transport Panel’s MIDI Out Activity Meter. Anyone know what that could be and how to stop it? Its not causing any problems, but I know there’s nothing coming in from any of my outboard gear (I turned everything off including the MIDI interface and it still pulses). Just curious. Thanks!
Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.17.31 PM.png


Open Devices > Device Setup. Check, if you have any Remote Controls here (like Mackie Control, Generic Remote, etc.) if yes, set their Outputs to 'Not Connected".

Open also Metronome Setup, and make sure, you are not sending Click to any MIDI output.

And open also Synchronization Setup and make sure, you are not sending any MMC or another Timecode Out of Cubase. Set all MIDI Outs to “Not Connected” here.

This should solve it.

Aloha V,

It is from back in da day and is called : ‘Active Sensing’.
From when all sound sources were external (no VSTi’s etc).

Think of it as the sequencer (in this case Cubase) yelling to all the outboard gear:
‘Hey! Are you still here and on-line’?

However with current VSTi technology there is very lil use for it any more.
AFAIK it won’t hurt any thing tho’.

Good Luck!

haha active sensing! blast from the past! :sunglasses:

Ahh!! That’s it! Thanks everyone for the feedback. Martin, after checking the Device Setup, I looked for the remotes section and disconnected the Steinberg CH Channel Controller (came as a bundle with Cubase). Pulsing is gone!