What is the Audio Setting "Hardware Latency" for?

In fiddling with Cubasis behavior in regards to stuck MIDI notes (hopefully fixed in 1.8.3!) I changed a variety of settings.

As I review the Setup>Audio section, there is one for Hardware Latency. The help says this is ‘audio buffer length’, in frames. What impact does a lower or higher audio buffer length have on recording or anything else? What is the default value (mine is set to 256) and when would a person change it?


Suppose you are recording a new track while playing the rest of the song. There is always a small lag between the moment you hit a note on your midi controller or the on screen keyboard and the moment the device you are using, in this case your iPad with Cubasis, actually records what you are playing. Its the same case if you are recording an audio track with a microphone.

The lower your buffer length is, the smaller that lag will be (good), but the processor on your device will have to work more, and so it won’t be able to play as many tracks at the same time (not so good).

You can change the buffer length according to what you doing: if you are recording live, lower the buffer size and maybe deactivate tracks that you don’t need to hear. If you are editing, increase the buffer size to be able to play more tracks.

Perfect explanation, thanks!

You’re welcome. : )