What is the best for mobile composing?

Hello, everyone

I am using Dorico Pro and Cubase Pro together in my PC
I have Samsung galaxy mobile phone, not apple phone

I want to write down scores on my phone when I have good idea on the street

In this case, what is the best tool for mobile composing ?

Thank you and have a nice day

Hi Morph,

I only have an Apple phone and am not competent enough to write scores on it whilst strolling along (but can sing/hum any inspiring tunes into it of course, when well away from other people/police).

This Android app seems to get good reviews and it’s kept up to date too

Worth a look?

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Hello, Robert

Nice to see you again

That app Maestro looks fairly good, and even free.
I will try to use it

But, I was looking for a good app inside Steinberg homepage,
but if there is no such for galaxy phone users, that is OK

So have a nice weekend and see you again, Robert
Thank you so much

Steinberg makes a version of Cubasis for Android, which may not suit your needs, but I don’t think they make anything else.

I’m sure there are loads of other apps for Android that let you write down notation ideas; but which one is ‘the best’ is only a decision you can make.

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Hell, Ben
Nice to see you again

Oh, right. Cubasis for Android exists. I will look into it

However, as you mentioned, I want something like Dorico for Android

Thank you for your comment and have a nice weekend, Ben