What is the best multi input hardware for recording with an iPad and Cubasis3?

I’m interested in getting multiple simultaneous inputs into Cubasis 3 on my iPad. What is the best interface for this? I would like to record at least 8 and possibly up to 16 simultaneous tracks at once. I am hoping to use this to record live bands.

Look into the Behringer XR18 and Midas MR18. These are nearly identical “stagebox” format digital 18 channel mixers with a built-in audio interface. If 18 channels isn’t enough, there are a series of rack and desk format 32-channel versions.

If you’re willing to use your iPad to control the mixer, an XR18 or MR18 will do double duty. It can play the role of live sound mixer as well as audio interface, in a single, small and very rugged box.

The MR18 is nearly identical to the XR18, except it has quieter pre-amps (lower noise floor) and more rugged construction. They use the same software and have the exact same DSP architecture and digital effects. Either will do the job!

I’ve connected my 2018 iPad Pro totally reliably to my XR18 for several years using the Apple multi-media adapter, Anker and AGC power supply/USB hubs. I’ve had almost no problems at all.

Hey dovjgoldman…
Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been using the X12 mixer for several years now and I love it. The integration with an iPad is, well, crazy cool.
Sorry, but I guess I’m asking a dumb question. I want to record 8 (or possibly 16) independent, simultaneous tracks into Cubasis. You said that you are using the Apple connection kit (is that the “Camera kit”?).
Are you also controlling the X18 via WiFi or does that data also flow over the hardwired connection kit?
I’m pretty sure that my X12 doesn’t have the same capabilities as the X16, X18, X32… etc as far as outputting 12 (in my case) “independent” channels.
Man…. I’m starting to confuse myself even more!

Hi @dormanT,

I’ve used multiple adapters to connect the iPad and the XR18, and all have worked on the first try. Here’s what I have tried:

  • Apple USB-C Digital AV multiport adapter
  • Anker USB C Hub Powerexpand 6-in-1
  • ADG 9-in-1 100W GaN Charger USB-C

Those are all Amazon’s product names, in case you want to search.

The key seems to be not to connect the XR mixer directly to the iPad, but rather to use an intermediary.

My XR18 is connected to WiFi. I have controlled it over WIFI, but also over hard wired Ethernet when I’m using one of the USB C power/hub devices listed above. Both have hard wired Ethernet connections.

For live recording, follow the many who advise to connect a separate WiFi router, and don’t use the XR’s built in router. You’ll want to use 5 ghz WiFi as it will work better in a “noisy” WiFi environment where there are lots of phones. They tend to try to connect to a router automatically, and this will cause you problems when you need to adjust your XR.

By the way, the USB power hubs and adapters enable you to supply power to the iPad while you use it for audio and control. The CCK lacks a power feed, which may leave you with a depleted battery just when you need the iPad to work.

I hope that helps!

Yo dovjgoldman,

Wow… many, many thanks!
I’m going to look into all of the adapters that you’ve mentioned then probably look into the X18.
You have been EXTREMELY helpful!
I don’t know why this isn’t documented better by Steinberg or by the folks at Behringer, Midas or heaven forbid APPLE.

You have a great day!


@dormanT my pleasure!

This is all documented in various places. I’ve just collected it all here.

If you search this forum, you’ll see my notes about using Behringer’s X Touch Mackie control surface to manage mixing on both the XR mixers and Cubasis. It toggles between the two.

Just another item that I researched and tested, and documented here for my colleagues.