What is the best way to get decent vocal sounds in Dorico?

Older versions of PLAY can be downloaded directly from EastWest. For example, PLAY version 5.0.1, which I have successfully used with Dorico and the Symphonic Choirs, can be downloaded from EastWest for Mac or for Windows.

No, I’ve not had much luck with Play 5 either. Maybe if Play 7 works better, I might go back to it.

I use 5.0.6. I thought that Play was now going to be discontinued in favour of Opus but might be mistaken?

Anyway, if you’re still interested in using SC, then you only need to say what exactly you’re trying to do with and where you’re struggling and I’m sure one of us could give a few pointers though of course that doesn’t exclude the possibility that you are simply asking more of it than it can deliver.