What is the Ctrl+Alt+Mouse Wheel function

I like using Ctrl+Mouse Wheel to do my zooming, and I noticed an unusual icon (a small square with left and right arrows: ⇐□⇒) when I accidentally did Ctrl+Alt+Mouse Wheel, which does horizontal In and Out Zoom, but ends with the split tool. Is there more going on here or is this just Zoom followed by split? This isn’t the Zoom + ZAP function listed in the Key Command table is it?

Interesting, I have seen this symbol as well, but not there.
Ctrl+Alt+Mouse wheel is not doing anything in my version - the icon is not changing and it just does the usual zooming…

I think Ctrl Alt is slip edit by default. So when you keep both down, you get the square icon when passing over events or parts.

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Thanks. Yes, that looks like Slip Edit is what’s going on. Cheers.

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Oh - now I see, sry I got it all wrong because it doesn’t work with midi…
My bad.

Yeah, audio only.
No worries.