What is the deal with expression maps please?

I have been away from my daw fro a couple of years and have upgraded to 8.5. I had made a template for Halion Symphonic orchestra, so I loaded that, but its behaving strangely. The template has expression maps but they don’t seem to work, I can’t change the patch anymore. I can see visual movement in the GUI (inside Halion Sonic SE) and it appears that the patch is briefly selected when I hit a key switch, but the sound does not change.
I read a thread saying you dont need to set up expression maps anymore. Can anyone enlighten me please?


When you say “the patch is briefly selected”, do you mean that, as soon as you let go of your remote key, it reverts to the default articulation? (in which case, just enable “Latch” in the Expression Map Setup window).

Hi Vic,
you may remember working with me on maps for orchestras. Hope things are good with you.

I seem to have got things working by:

a] deleting the expression maps that formerly worked from the project

b] Hitting the Import Key Switches for each instrument

I have no idea why this works but it appears to. Any ideas?

|Could I ask a supplemental question please?

I have experimented with disabling all tracks in a orchestral template (East West). The tracks do grey out but if saved then loaded, they all still load their samples - which takes time and still burdens CPU/RAM loads. I would have thought the whole point is to save RAM?CPU ? Is this behaviour the correct one?

Seems strange…

Yes, I remember you well :wink:.
I don’t know, off-hand, what might have changed between your old Expression Maps and what is required now (although I don’t recall any reported incompatibilities through the various updates :confused: )

As for your question about CPU… all is as expected… disabling a track simply switches any inserted plugins off, which has nothing to do with loading samples (once loaded, they aren’t using any CPU while Kontakt is switched off… but I am really not sure if disabling a MIDI track would disable a VST Instrument to which it is routed (maybe it does so for an Instrument Track?), an in any case, if you don’t disable all tracks feeding Kontakt, then of course Kontakt is still active :wink:.
Maybe you want to try Saving your project with Kontakt switched off (or does EastWaest use the Play engine… I can’t remember?)

Off topic: |Vince have you checked out Persing’s Keyscape? The piano is a bit out of wack here and there you feel a flake here and there, but the electronic vitage keys are truly astoundingly good - The Rhodes oooh and then thirty more quality expressive instruments… they have the dirt.

At the moment, I can’t really justify the expenditure (not as if it were on some time-limited promo offer). I certainly liked what I saw/heard on the demo videos, but for "bread ‘n’ butter pianos and electrics, I don’t feel particularly lacking :wink:.

Aww and here was I thinking you were rich! Where are those limos escargot and swimming pools?
The piano does not match up to my Roland 700NX which is my goto, but its very close - much much closer that the Steinberg Grand 3 for example. It’s the electrics that stand out for me, they have real character and dirt IMO, and have decent control AKA the orginals I think. Very creamy too, almost analogue.
I have an A100 here and it’s immediately gorgeous (when it works!) for its analogoniosity, its that kind of thing…

Anyways best to you Vic…