What is the Default value of a MIDI Controller in Nuendo 4.3

I am using Nuendo 4.3 (Yes, I know it’s old, but it works for what I am doing, and I can’t afford to upgrade right now), and I would like to know what the initial value of a MIDI controller is if none is specified in a MIDI track. Specifically CC 7 CC 11 and CC 1. The problem is if I use (mostly CC 11) a controller to increase expression (or volume - I use EWQL Symphonic Orchestra quite a bit), when I stop and restart at the beginning (measure 1) I end up with the controller at the same value as when I stopped. Yes I have chase enabled for MIDI controllers, but that ONLY works if there is a value for the controller in measure 1. I just want to know what the default value is so I can put that value in manually in measure 1. This will allow the chase function to work properly.

Thanks in advance