What is the difference between an update and an upgrade and discounts available

I have cubase pro 10.5 and a friend has Elements 10.5. Imagine my delight when he contacted me to let me know there was a 40% reduction on updates and upgrades. I went to the Steinberg site to find that there was no discount from 10.5 pro to 11 pro where the cost is still £85 , or from Cubase 10 pro to 11 pro where the cost is £136 . But if you only have Cubase Artist ( down to Artist 6 ) the cost is £128. Just hoping that this is an oversight, as it seems a little unfair to those who have invested in Cubase and Cubase pro.


Update is from the same edition to higher version. For example Cubase Pro X to Cubase Pro 11, or Cubase Elements X to Cubase Elements 11.

Upgrade is from lower edition to higher one. For example Cubase Artist X to Cubase Pro 11, or Cubase LE X to Cubase Elements 11.

Hey Martin thanks for that I get it now. Just need to understand why the discount is given if you are upgrading but not if you are updating. You can get cubase pro 11 cheaper if you have artist or elements than you can if you have pro 10. The detail given when you open pro is that the discount is for updates and upgrades. Ah well, never mind.

A quick search on the subject here would reveal that this has been beat to death over the past week.

Steinberg historically runs two types of sales a year. This is the first of those sales. UPGRADING. A second sale will come around the June/July timeframe that will address your desire for a sale on UPDATING from Pro 10.5 to Pro 11.

Why? Well it’s how they choose to do their business. They are fair and equitable and they aren’t doing anyone wrong.

Well , that. Told me :joy:

The Canadian cost to upgrade from 10.5 to 11 is $150. ( $123 USD). If there were any incentive I would snap it up.