What is the difference between Block events / separate event

What is the difference between the 2 render settings ‘render as Block events / render as separate events’

they both seem to do the same thing…

Manual p. 169:

• As Separate Events
This is the default setting. One or more tracks are created. These contain
separate events/parts that are saved as separate audio files.
• As Block Event
One or more tracks are created. These contain adjacent events/parts that are combined to blocks where applicable. Every block is saved as a separate audio file."

Blocks will make one audio file/clip out of any clips that are adjacent. If there’s space between the orginal clips, “Block event” will preserve that space.

thanks i did try searching the manual for ‘block events’ but nothing turned up… should have searched for ‘block event’
thanks :slight_smile:

You’d think in this day and age, the search function could turn up results for “blocks” when one searches “block!” That’s awful.

if I have 2 audio clips close to each other 1 or 2 bars apart, when I render they always are put as a block event no matter what setting I pre set, as separate events or as block events. by the same token if the audio parts a further apart say 4 bars or so they are always rendered as separate events unless I choose the final option of as one event, I have tested it many ways for me there seems to be no difference dictated by the drop down settings, only by the actual distance of the parts. maybe someone can enlighten me on what I’m missing. I have read the manual.

I just tried to test it again, last time was by track selection, this time by event selection, again both options, render as separate events and render as block events produces the same result, new events with new names but rendered the exact same way. the only thing that makes any difference is how far I space the events apart before rendering, but either option is the same result

You’d think.

The poor search in PDFs is a crime. It was acceptable maybe 10 years ago. But nowadays, what with Google and Siri and even text messaging which tries to figure out what you really want, the state of affairs is inexcusable.

The number of RTFM problems people have… especially with a complex app like Cubase? Inexcusable.

Sorry for hijacking. But I wish everyone would complain about this. It’s not sexy but good search is like THE most important thing.

I found in my tests when trying Render in Place:

Block events means that when there are 2 or more events that are back to back, it will render all back to back events as one audio file. If the events are not back to back (not touching each other), it will render separate audio files.

Separate events means that even if the events are back to back, it will create a new audio file for each event.

Hope this helps.

for me if they are back to back they always become rendered as block events, even when the as separate events is selected. and if they are more than 4 measures apart they are always rendered as separate events even if as block events is selected.

This is true for me too on CP 9.0.10.

I cannot produce a difference between rendering as Separate Events or Block Events.

If the events are adjacent, I get 1 audio file in either case.
If the events are spread apart, I get 2 audio files in either case.



Thank you. Didn’t find the answer on the Nuendo forums. Verified with Nuendo 10.3.0.