What is the difference between UR 22 and UR 22 Mk II?

I couldn’t find the ur22 in the comparison chart.

Thanks -

iOS compatibility and a 5v power input.
Supposedly improved audio performance but I doubt anything you would notice.

Hi Grim, thanks for the info.

I wonder where can I read about that (I looked at the Steinberg UR comparison chart, but the pain old UR22 didn’t appear there) … I’m interested in learning about the better audio performance.

You probably already read everything there is to read :wink:

It was here I saw it…presumably quoting from the press release.

I certainly wouldn’t assume their “improved audio performance” is the same thing as “any audible improvement to you” but you could ask some verification from Steinberg I guess…you never know.

Nice, thanks Grim. “Oooh, improved audio performance!!” . LOL

i have a question related to the quality of output sound of UR22. What converter is installed inside? Is very interesting to know the gap of quality difference between cirrus logic cs4270 and AK4396 mypremiercreditcard.