What Is The Easiest Way To Add Reverb To The End Of A Track?


What is the easiest way to add (crossfade) reverb into the end of a track with Wavelab? I need to master a song that was faded to suddenly and the reverb needs to carry over a few seconds for the fade out. Obviously the effect is only needed only at the very end of the file. Your suggestions are very much appreciated!

There are several ways. If this is the last song, simply add the “Silence” plugin to the Master Section, and put a marker in the montage, till the very end point.

If this is a clip, you have the option to add a tail to the clip, to let the reverb signal continues a bit after the clip.

I do it in a montage, add another track in a montage, put reverb module on the separate track, duplicate the section I want to reverb, output it as 100% wet and adjust the levels accordingly