what is the exclamation mark inside brackets


What is the exclamation mark inside brackets that shows up whenever we hover over the create sampler track?

I read on another forum that this is a bug in macOS. Is this true?
exclamation mark inside brackets.png

Here, the exclamation mark often appears (whether in <> or [] signs - OS dependent ? Here, all the ‘!’ signs appear between ‘<>’ ones) when there is no key shortcut affected to the involved command. Affecting one in the Key commands window will make it appear immediatly in place of the ‘!’.

I do think that the thing should be streamlined, though, maybe in this way : no key command, nothing displayed, whether in <> or []. As it is implemented, it’s more annoying than something else…


So what is it?

Cubic’s post suggests it indicates a lack of assigned Key Command. Didn’t you read his post? Try assigning a key command and see if it is replaced by the key command.

Actually, I had assigned it. It took a cubase restart to do replace ! with the KC.

Thank you.

Strange… Here, the new shortcut appears as soon as I click on the [OK] button of the Key Commands window, this, whether I set a new shortcut or remove it… :confused: