What is the Export MIDI in Cubasis for? Doesn’t seem to be working

Hello there guys is there a way to export a track to midi?
IF you use the MiDi export in mixdown it gives you error when you try to import that midi file back.
Also if you use the freeze settings option and choose midi, if you freeze a track it just converts it to Audio.
What is the midi export in Cubasis for?

Hi John1289,

Cubasis 2 and Cubasis 3 both allow to export a project to MIDI via these steps:

  • Go to “Media/Mixdown”
  • Tap “Create Mixdown” button
  • Choose “MIDI” in “MIxdown” pop-up
  • Tap “Start Mixdown” button

Gave it a short check in Cubasis 3, where things work as expected.
Please give it a try.