What is the fastest/easiest way to change this rhythm...

Hello community,
How do i change the rhythm from the top one to the bottom one the fastest?
Dorico by default does the the top one, but sometimes i need the bottom one.

I think i needed about 20 steps to achieve the bottom one, there must be a faster way…

In general:
Notation Options (Shift-Alt-N) > Note Groupings > ‘Notes starting on a beat followed by a rest in the middle of the beat’.

As a one-off:
Create the notes with Force Duration (O) turned on, to force Dorico to respect exactly what you entered.

Thank you!

I works, but only when entering new notes.
If I want to modify an existing duration, the force duration tool has no action. See example in the attach file.

Is it a bug ? Does anybody know if improvements are planned for this ?
This would save me a lot of time to have the possiblity to change this without having to re-enter notes.

Force duration only applies to new note input, not existing notes.

I’ve not heard of any plans to change this functionality. I agree it could be helpful. But it’s also easy to hit enter for note input, force duration, and enter the note as desired.

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Yes indeed, I think this could be be usefull to improve this in the future

If you think about it, the only reason you would want to use force duration on existing notes is because you want to CHANGE something.

Maybe you really want an option like “repitching notes” (which changes pitch but not rhythm) but the other way round - change rhythm but not pitch? Then, using force duration to make the same rhythm but with different notation would just be a special case of something more general.

I agree that it’s annoying to have to re-enter the correct pitches again, if you forgot to use “force duration” when you first entered the notes.

In this particular situation this is the advice! Except it’s (Shift-Control-N) or (Shift-Cmd-N for Mac). Once you hit “Apply” you will get the desired outcome and any further inputting will respect this notation.

But using Notation Options means you won’t have to use force duration and re-enter the notes (in the OP’s particular situation).

In your example, Florent, you would select under “Notes starting on a beat followed by a rest in the middle of the beat:” -------- “Notate as a single note”

It’s important to note that every instance of these rhythms will be re-notated throughout the flows selected when invoked with the Notation Options with one simple click.

I’m suggesting that, as randywombat first mentions, Notation Options is the way to achieve this without fooling around with Force Duration. :wink:

I understand that it is possible to force the duration when entering notes.
But in my case, I often work with scores imported from xml files. The import process seems to force durations by default so that the note grouping option has no effect.

I find this post https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=144725&p=778659&hilit=xml+import+force+duration#p778659 in where this subject has been discussed.
Daniel has given a solution : we can use edit/Reset Appearance to get back the rythm defined with the notes grouping options.

But I think this is a partial solution. It remains note possible to split one rythm into two tied rythm.

I would suggest “split” function where we could use the caret to devide a rythm into tow tied notes. Maybe the dev team has plan for that ?

You can split a tie where ever you like; by setting the caret at the appropriate point and hitting U.

Dear Leo, I think Florent wants to do a very different thing without re-entering the notes with force duration on, like having two tied quarters instead of a minim… :wink: