What is the fastest way to open the project folder?

The title says it all?


“I wonder what the old MP3 sketch sounded like, the one I have somewhere in the project folder? Hmm …”

Open WinExplorer, find the X:, find the path\path\path … n
If you’re not sure which version then you have to look in the Pool for the path
click click click

Has somebody found a faster way?

Right now I’m digging through some projects that are sorted in subfolders which works nice outside of Cubase.
The only thing that would be worse than re-sorting them would be to destroy the file path structure haha.
So right now I’m a little stuck for a while.

I wouldn’t mind a separate Key Command only (like “save new version”) that just “open the project folder” :bulb:

Windoze search?

Naaaw, not windoze … it’s not faster, by the way :mrgreen: especially not Win7 search :astonished: :unamused:
That’s just another of all the ways of clicking/typing your way to the target?

There is a free program called Agent Ransack that I found after hours of searching on the web.
It’s MUCH faster than the indexed crap search in Win7.
That index version almost made me lose my mind!!!
And it doesn’t even show all the files!!! :imp:

Agent Ransack works like XP search but more, you’ll find anything, and there is even a pay version called FileLocator Pro if you really need it? :sunglasses:

But back to the topic.
No Wondoze, but thanx!

Would be a nice feature, if you could open it by just hitting a key!

Cheers, Matze!

I started a thread a while ago to request a ‘Reveal in Finder/show in browser’ option inside the pool, but got a luke warm response. Every other program seems to have this.

It’s a PITA locating files, so +1 here.

If you’re on mac and your Cubase projectwindow is open, you can “COMMAND+CLICK” on the projectname.
You will see a dropdownmenu with the complete path of your project.
Now choose the projectfolder and the finder takes care of the rest.


Hope this helps.

It’d be great to be able to open the current project menu with a single command from within Cubase.
Real easy to code, and a time saver :slight_smile:

Even Wavelab Essentials has it!

Cheers, Matze!

Recent Projects shows the file path.

You can find them out, but I like it a step further.
A shortcut to open the project folder…

On Win7 (don’t know if it works on Mac too):

  • go to Project Assistant (Menu -> File -> New Project -> Recent tab)
  • right-click on Project name -> Show in Explorer


Good enough, that works! Thanx :sunglasses:

I open the project folder first, sorted by date, then I open the .cpr from there (drag onto the appropriate Cb3/5/6 icon), therefore I’ve always have the project folder open.