What is the magic of the Cubase Multiband Compressor?

For me, putting the multiband compressor on my master always does something special. It really adds a lot of punch to the bass, snap to the highs, and control to the mids.

I understand the multiband compressor doesn’t exactly function like a multiband compressor at times. I’ve seen posts regarding its make-up gain and so forth – a lot of under the hood stuff that might be what makes it so awesome for me.

But it’s such a mystery to me how to recreate its effect with other plugins. Is it more an EQ thing? What’s the deal with its “auto release” settings? I would love to know how to recreate the default sound you get from the compressor using standard plugins of other DAWs.

You may be interested in some of these links:

Once you understand what a multiband compressor does internally, you’ll probably understand what it would take to cobble one together via multiple simpler audio effects. (hint: it would be a lot of additional work).