What is the option Windows > Show Cubase Pro Desktop?

I recently saw this option in Windows > Show Cubase Pro Desktop, I’ve search for it in the manual and can’t find a mention of it, I’ve clicked it and the only thing that happens that I could tell was the option now changed to say “Hide Cubase Pro Desktop” again clicking it seemed to have no obvious results. Does anyone have any idea what this option is for or what it does?



This change the background of Cubase. Maybe you can’t see the background, because you have your project (or other window) maximised over the whole screen. But if there is any empty space, you can decide to don’t see the Cubase background (so in the empty spaces, you would see your Windows desktop, an icons on your Desktop), or to see the Cubase background, so you can se a background Cubase colour instead fo your Desktop icons.


The way Cubase 10.5’s windows behave is totally weird, I can’t properly use Windows’s future “snap to edge” because it’s a window in window, it shows my desktop background and it’s all like ‘inside’ the Cubase program, like I’m on a Mac or something… How can I turn it off to behave NORMALLY? The option you mentioned just erases the background but I can’t do normal stuff with the Cubase window and it frustrates me a lot.