What is the point of the midi fader?

Sorry, I know this may be a silly beginners question and I am rather embarresed to say that I have been using Cubase for some time now and I still have no idea what this track does or what it is used for. Please can someone forgive me and explain it to me as the manual doesnt really tell me what it does.


Sorry, where can you see MIDI Fader track, please?

I assume the question refers to the fader on a midi track in the mix console.

From what I understand, the midi fader controls the host plugins master volume (midi cc7)


Sure is. And it is very confusing, since it is not a mixing process. So it very different than what a audio fader is doing.
I think it would have better if it was a scale factor for midi note events. But midi 1.0 event are only 127 levels so it
and the levels are not well defined either. In MIDI2 the range is much bigger, but still not well defined, but it will
even more confusing.


If you mean what does the Fader do on the MIDI Track, then yes, it sends MIDI CC7 (Main Volume) on the channel. So if the instrument (hardware or software) can receive and react to the MIDI CC7, you can mix from Cubase.

To me, it’s a holdover from when you were more likely to mix this way. You might have been sending 16 channels to your JV-whatever… this was a convenient way to balance the parts from the sequencer.

Dead on! :slight_smile:

From back-in-the-day when Cubase did only MIDI stuff (no audio).


The purpose of MIDI CC7 is to control the gain of a note without affecting its velocity. It is as important today as it was decades ago.


For me MIDI CC7 is like the fader on a mixer (not gain of a note…). MIDI CC11 is the Expression, what the player really does on the instrument.

As I said already, the fader of MIDI track sends MIDI CC7 to the MIDI Output.


More often than not (depending on how a patch has been programmed, of course), using velocity affects both (a) the tembre and (b) gain of a patch. If one wants to change just the gain of a patch without affecting its tembre, one resorts to MIDI CC7.

Picturing MIDI CC7 as a fader, or a knob may be helpful to some, but it is not what CC7 ultimately is. Technically, it controls the gain of a MIDI channel; musically, it controls the gain of notes played on that channel.