What is the proper way to connect Subwoofer to Control Room

So I am unable to run a pair of outs to the sub and then on to the speaker monitors as the sub is an older JBL with speaker wire outs.
So I have searched and read so many different approaches to this question, but I have yet to find one with optimal results.

So if someone can point me to a good article, video or whatever I would greatly appreciate it.

EDIt: This is not a post requesting 3rd party solutions or hardware solutions. So please don’t post those. I know that I can purchase software and hardware fixes to my problem. I want to know how to set this up in Cubase control room so that I can use plugins on what I’m hearing an not what is going through the master bus.

Best is probably to go with a hardware solution. A monitor controller with bass management.

Otherwise you could set multiple outputs with EQ roll offs and do the bass management that way. Don’t think you can use control room to do this, but maybe you can?

Yeah I already have the sub setup an working in output, but I really want for everything to go through control room. That way I can add plugins that don’t through the master.

I agree with @rockdude9k . That’s probably your simplest bet. I have the Drawmer CMC2 and it has a Sub out. Great unit I got recently after Hugh Robjohn’s article on monitor controllers in SOS.

The control room output goes to your hardware controller (if you set it up that way).

This does not solve my problem. I already have my sub setup and working perfectly with Cubase, so a hardware solution is just me wasting my money. I want to know how to set it up in control room so that I can make use of features within control room. Purchasing a hardware monitor controller does nothing for me that I don’t already have working.

Yes, yes it does. But you can’t output the speaker monitors and the sub monitors in the same way you do in the Output section because of the way control room works with multiple monitors. (ie 2+ sets of monitors).

When I used to have it set up for bass management in Nuendo I just set up the control room to an output including LFE. Then used the Nuendo bass manager plugin to send the low end to the sub on the LFE channel. If you’re doing stereo then instead of a 5.1 channel you could maybe do L,R,C,LFE for example. I mean, it doesn’t really matter if you’re using a 5.1 or quad or whatever as long as you have enough channels for the speakers plus a bass management plugin. I think Voxengo used to have a free one in case Cubase doesn’t have one.

Is that what you were asking about?

Yeah I tried that, but I didn’t get very good results from it. I think I might break down and crack open the sub, do some rewiring , replace the crossover to a much lower frequency, and run the speakers from it.