What is the proper way to get 6.5.5? New rig, have C7.5.20 &

I’m trying to figure out the best way to get C6.5.5 on my new rig.

On this new W7 system I have C7.5.20 up and running.

On my old XP system, I had C6.5.4 running. I have a Cubase 6 bunch of disks, that were upgrades from SX3 on that XP system.

Here’s what I did: I loaded the C6 disks (these were upgrade disks from SX3) onto my new rig. And it worked, I could open old C6 projects and work on them.

But when I went to register in the elicenser, after I typed in the zillion # code, it said something along the lines of “This is an update version of C6.0, and we don’t find anything you have a license for that you can update from”. Meaning, I guess, it needs but doesn’t see my SX3 license on the eLicenser.

And to get C6.5.5 … it is taking HOURS to download the update from mysteinberg support. Nothing ever takes that long, I’ve got cable/etc, might not be the fastest in the world but it’s pretty good.

Is there an easier way to do all this? All I want to do is get C6.5.5 over from my XP to my new W7 rig, up/running/licensed/registered.

Thanks for any help -

As for the license; your valid license on the USB-key for 7.5 should cover any previous Cubase version, so no need to type any zillion # code?

You’re probably very right, I just did what they asked on-screen. It’s very confusing, though I finally got it working (C6.5.5 loaded, haven’t tested it yet).

I googled, but couldn’t see how to get C6 etc. on my rig that already has C7.5.20 on it. Don’t know why, but I always have a hard time with Steinberg downloads/registrations/upgrades/etc, both software and hardware. Harder than other sites/companies.