What is the purpose of MIDI tracks?

I don’t see any benefits (coming from Logic Pro X). You’re limited to 16 per instrument track, and all must come from the same VST. Why have 10 MIDI tracks when you can have 10 Instrument tracks? What is the benefit?

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The above thread shows some different POVs on the topic.
And if you do a search there are quite a few more.

From my POV (being a real ‘MIDIot’ from back-n-da-day),
once ‘Instrument Tracks’ came along, I hardly ever use ‘MIDI Tracks’ anymore.

I use MIDI info and MIDI events yes, but not MIDI tracks.

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Because instrument tracks cannot play or control my external synths (or maybe they can and I never bothered to find out).

Midi tracks are used to record midi data on. This midi data can control the samplers, sound modules, synths, drum machines, midi mutes/settings on the mixing desk and settings on the outboard effects units around the studio.
What is the purpose of Midi tracks seems a bit of a strange question.

Can’t instrument tracks do all that too?

You do know I´m not talking about virtual samplers, synths etc.
I use instrument tracks when using VST´s because they tie up the audio outputted from the VST in the same track but when controlling midi hardware it´s a different game.

Ah, I see.