What is the RED X for?

Hello ,
I have some issues input notes. 1) with 4/4 meter added, why Dorico doesn’t automatically create bar line at 4 quarter notes ? 2) even with meter, why shift-B doesn’t allow to add new bars by entering a number in the pop up , but ask me to enter 20q ?? 3) what the red X there for ?
Thanks in advance.

I think you’ve done something wrong.

If you create a 4/4 metre at the start, then you should get 1 bar of 4/4, which you can add more bars to, using Shift B and a number. You will also get more bars if you just keep entering notes.

The Xs are for ‘open’, unmetered bars , which happen to all be 4 quarters in length. Did you add or delete a barline somewhere?

Select the first X, then click on “Select More”. Then select more again. Now delete all the Xs, and you should have “normal” 4/4 again.


They can also appear when the file is a XML import.

I suppose if you add a meter, it would rebar automatically. But it doesn’t ?
I tried benwiggy suggestion, it only works for some bars. The remaining bars still have the red X. Which command to delete red X ? Delete command deleted the bar lines as well

You will likely have to delete all the remaining red-X signposts manually. Not sure whether you can choose one and use Select More to speed this up.

Don’t worry that the barlines might be deleted as well, as soon as all red X are gone and only the first 4/4 ist left the automatic barlines will appear.

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As @benwiggy wrote: it’s the Select More (of the same object) function. Select one of the red signposts and press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-A. The rest of them should then be selected.

This is because barlines are made by meters in Dorico. Every one of those X’s is another (open) meter. Delete all of them and that allows the first 4/4 to generate all the barlines.

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