What is the VariAudio equivalent for tuning whistling?

Hi -

As advertised, VariAudio doesn’t work for whistling.

Does anyone know of one of the tuning apps that does?



Hey Mr. Soundman - thanks for that! Does Melo do a good job with whistling?

I just bought RevoicePro 2.6 … which has a tuning function … I’ll check that out, I hope it can repitch whistling. Hmm, if it doesn’t, I wonder if Cubase’s own “Pitch Shift” will do the trick, even if VariAudio doesn’t …

I don’t have variaudio, what goes wrong when you try it for whistling? I would assume it can detect pitch just fine.

It depends on the source material … download the demo and try it out. Melodyne can break a signal down to it’s component harmonics, and you can manipulate them independently. Variaudio works well with monophonic material that doesn’t contain much noise, and as a “freebie” with Cubase it’s excellent, whereas Melodyne Editor is better in specialist areas, but has a higher learning curve (and price tag!) as a result.

With my whistling, it is treated as a non-pitched event … no segments, no “note assignment”, etc.

Make sure the signal is loud enough. I have had issues where the sound level seems to be to low to be analyzed properly. Raising the level helped in that case.

Will do, thanks, I’ll check again, but the “wave form” seemed decent-sized … IIRC!

Ok thanks, interesting. I would have thought detecting pitch from whistling would be straightforward but apparently the algorithm isn’t quite ready for that.

What is it you’re trying to achieve? Do you want to correct the tuning of your own whistling, or use it as a method of MIDI input?

Whistling tuning, as if I didn’t have other things to do! :slight_smile: