What is this occurance...how can I avoid it?

This is happening far to often. I had to bring it to your attention :confused:

It appears any recording that I record after deleting the old unwanted recorded material, the following recordings become chopped up. Almost as if it’s gated!? pics are attached.

There are no effects on the channel, and I’m recording at 44.1/32.

I’m running C 6.5.3., WIN 7 64 bit, 16 gig ram, 3.2, xeon

This is becoming very annoying, Any assistance is most appreciated.
distorted wave zoomed in.png
distorted wave far view.png

That’s really weird, never seen anything like it.
What are your system specs? Are you using the right driver for your audio interface?

Hello Strophoid,

Thanks for your attention. I uninstalled C 6.5.3 back to C 6.5 and it hasnt occurred again yet

I’m running WIN 7 64 bit, 16 gig ram, 3.2 mhz, xeon

Any clues?

Hmm, not really :frowning:.
So you’re saying you were on 6.5.3 when it happened, and it doesn’t happen on 6.5.0?
You can try updating up again to 6.5.2. That’s the version I’m running, it’s not giving me any issues.