What is this red bar

not sure what caused this to appear

thx in advance

It’s the ‘stop’ in insert mode. Anything inserted before it ought not to affect notes after it. shift-alt-I will create it and remove it.

Ah! Great. How do I get rid of it on iPad with no keyboard?

I have no knowledge of how Dorico for iPad works.

I guess it isn’t documented for iPad yet, since it’s new this year. But according to the Pro docs, you can drag it off the staff by the little handle at the top. Pull it outside the music margins, till the red line turns to dots, and let go.

Or use the system track.

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@Mark_Johnson - that sort of what I was attempting… in Galley view, dragging from bar 35 to the end of bar 91 on iPad is not for the faint of heart! I gave up! Playing w/ it I realize now I could have dragged the red bar down to get the red dots shown in the documentation link you provided.

@Lillie_Harris - brilliant! Just a suggestion to show the red bar in the help… I know it would be LOTS of work, but I really wish Dorico had ‘tool tips’… like Ableton… just select/hover over something, and in a non-obtrusive/optional way, it gives you just enough info to know what something is. In this case I had no idea what this thing even was, to know what to search for in the help, if you know what I mean.

I’ve added the phrase “red bar” to the relevant topics’ metadata, so searching the manual for “red bar” should produce more helpful results in future.

If your suggestion is to annotate images with in-built text inside the image, I’m afraid that won’t work for translated manuals. (There’s a reason we use numbers to call out areas within images that are then explained in the text below!) But I’ve not ruled out more visuals-based methods of helping show users what things are and what they’re called at some point in the future, of which Insert mode stop positions would almost certainly be part.

Thx for the follow up, @Lillie_Harris … my image was more for others that may stumble across this thread.

As far as my suggestion… in the help topics referenced above, neither actually showed the red bar… I certainly understand the translation issue. adding the term to the search metadata is appreciated!

Try this page for a picture

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